Lumberjack - Sound Library

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87 files • 96 kHz/32 Bit • 2.92Go • 42:47 mins

The trees cut on the recording of the Lumberjack library have been meticulously chosen because they were sick or to give space for other trees to grow better, to preserve the health of the forest.

On the bundle you can hear Chainsaw motor, cranking, starting, cutting and stopping.

And of course, it also contains multiple trees cracking, breaking, falling and impacting the ground.

We used several perspectives and microphones to bring many tones and make each file unique.

The bundle includes 87 audio files recorded at 96khz – 32bits for a total of 2.92Go.

Each sound has been recorded with high-quality equipment and meticulously edited individually.

Delivered in Broadcast Wave files, all embedded with metadata informations for easy import and ensure fast and easy workflow.

Respecting all complaints from the UCS system.

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