Excavator Sounds

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100 files • 96 kHz/32 Bit • 1.30Go • 30:20 mins

Excavator Sounds is a library made from a recording session during excavation works at home.

This bundle contains sounds from the work done by the excavator and many close microphones takes like the Bucket scratching, pouring and digging earth and rocks, the Boom/Stick hydraulic movements, the Engine idle, revs, start and stop and the squeaky metal Track rolling on the ground. 

The bundle includes 100 audio files recorded in Stereo at 96khz – 32 bits. A great tool to have for any audio production. 

Each sound has been meticulously edited individually. All files were recorded and are delivered in 24bit 96kHz Broadcast Wave files, all embedded with metadata information for easy import and ensure fast and easy workflow.

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